Who We Are

We are young and fired up revolutionaries living in the belly of the beast. a world strangled by this kraken. We are the spirit of the new dawning of politics, after the “end of history.” We have a militant project, one of liberation and struggle, oriented in the theory and practice of communism. We are critically thinking the path toward Revolution, in the night which shadows the world, we use our historical experiences, legacy, and theory as a flame to come to understand the truth and liberate the people from oppression and exploitation.

But as we have said there is a dawning, a new spirit in the world that is realizing what has been repressed by imperialists since the death of social-imperialism in the USSR. With the imperialist forces waging war for hegemony across the globe, with US Imperialism bogged down and being beaten down by the people of the world, there is an awakening.

And as a blooming flower at 8 or 9 in the morning, it is on us to realize the need for liberation. That is why we say to you, Good Morning, Revolution.


8 responses to “Who We Are

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this site. It looks very promising.

  2. This introduction, filled with worthless phrases that you all probably think are poetic, really doesn’t answer the question “who are you?” So really, who are you? Are you oppressed lower class citizens of the US? Probably not since you have the resources to make a website like this. But even if you didn’t have access to computers, surely your communist revolution would give you access to such commodities. After all, everyone in Communist Cuba has them–oh wait, no they don’t. Are you well-educated in political theory? Do you know your history or realize that Communism has been a failure everywhere it has been implemented, never living up to its ideals? Or has China been a success, where a communist government has taken such good care of its people that they have no other options for employment than to break apart electronic waste and expose themselves to the deadly chemicals inside. But Cuba is a success story, right? I mean, the fact that people get a bag of vegetables to feed their families for a month is really great. to the person called “ShineThePath,” is this a reference to Sendero Luminoso? Are you going to follow the same methods as that group, terrorizing “the People of the world” if they don’t join your revolution? and then are you going to fail for that same reason, just like Sendero Luminoso? To all of you, have you visited a Communist state and talked to the people there about how great life is under Communism? Have you, ShineThePath, been to Peru and talked to a rural Quechua family whose relavtives were killed by Sendero Luminoso? Aren’t these the people that Mao and Che said would make the revolution happen? Maybe someone could answer some of these questions for me, then I’ll have a better idea of who you are. Or will this comment not even be posted, because isn’t suprression of thought, speech, and dissension a communist thing to do?

  3. Though your post is ripe with silly little nods to the anti-communist liberalism that goes on and on about the horrors, you do get my approval [as a moderator of this blog] to have your comment on this page. I will just remind the writer of the comment preceding, using the moniker of “goodidea,” is that this blog takes liberty of approving of any comment it wishes and this is not an attempt of suppression of thought. This blog has the purpose and the attitude of freely proliferating Communist Thought and Theory to others, we are not in the business of bothering ourselves with the common run of anti-Communist agitation and propaganda, and especially not with those who write with their very own free time in the most indignant of manners.

    You have read our blog, you have written to us, don’t bother to act as if you are some how bothered by the presence of this blog on the web.

    On other matters, the baiting of our identities is just a ruse to say more or less just rudely say we have no right to be communists because our being X [students, middle class, people who have internet connection] some how excludes us from being communists. We will not comment to exactly any of this utterly silly ad hominem abuse. It matters not in any case because it has little relevance to what we believe and is objective in the world. What is sufficient to know is the above mentioned who we are, and that we have access to the internet and are able to make such a blog. This is actually not quite hard to do, anyone with access to a Public Library in this country can make such a blog. The expenditure of resources for this site are very minimum and require only a little time.

    On the questions of Cuba and China…to this I can only say your presumptuous way of proceeding on these questions [asserting that I think there are successes in China or in Cuba] misses a lot. I will only respond in so much that the causes for what has occurred in Cuba, the fundamental lack of abundance of resources and capital in the country, has been part of the strategic isolation of the nation by the US after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We are not going to be apologists here for the State of Cuba’s own share of the guilt, it having built an economy dependent to the Soviet Union, but the situation that we see today is exacerbated by the imposed US blockade.

    On China, we are Maoists, we don’t support the current Chinese government which since the late 1970s’ has taken the course of rapid modernization based upon the principles of Western Capitalism. In China today, State Owned Enterprises compromise dead industries. These workers “breaking open chemicals” are doing so contracted out by private enterprises, largely overseas, for a larger global economy. A part of the racist demonization of China today by the Western Media needs to be seen in the growing context of manufacturing shifting to East Asia. These things you speak of were not uncommon amongst workers in the West, and only through working class struggles were people able to earn progressively better health conditions at the work place.

    On the question of the Peruvian Communist Party (Sendero Luminos), the People’s War launched by an organization comprised of Peasants, that challenged patriarchal conditions in the countryside and had the real chance of seizing state power in Peru, was justified and righteous. We acknowledge of course that the “Shining Path” wasn’t a saintly organization; however the vilification of the Shining Path as “murderers” and terrorists is a part of the complete a-historical judgments of anti-communist propaganda that was largely swallowed up by liberals hook, line, and sinker. Why not speak of course of the disastrous Fujimori fascist dictatorship that summarily tortured and executed political prisoners, especially Maoists, which launched a full fledged war against the PCP and the shanty town uprisings near Lima, which organized murderous paramilitaries in the Countryside?

    The necessity of revolution means nothing short of revolutionary warfare and terror, especially against enemies of the people. There are no illusions about that for us. The fine liberal states have acted also accordingly, we are not so naive.

  4. Hello Comrades,

    I like your tribute to Ka Bel. I also found another website dedicated to him – http://www.kabel.kilusan.net. Could you link this site?


  5. I can on your site by clicking on your name above a reaction of you on an article on de blog the Marxist-Leninist (of Comradezero).
    I was curious because of your statements in your comment.
    But here I can not find deeper analysis (because I can find no “archive” or “history” here) from you about for example revisionism in the actual international communist movement.
    If you click on my blog you will notice why I am so curious about your analyses.
    I like to read more from you (and of course I like then to comment this – because discussion is a part of making a good analyse)
    Greetings, Nico

  6. you people will not win.

  7. You should check these people out. Seems like you might be interested in joining:


  8. Sendero Luminosísimo

    As the great Comrade Lenin said:
    ♪♫But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao –
    you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow…♪♫


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