Maobadi in NYC: Prachanda speaks to the New School!

Thanks to Com. Daniel for putting up audio on his site Hegemonik. Prachanda spoke to an audience of Communists, revolutionaries, Nepalis, Tibetan Independence activists, Human Rights activists, other

Prachanda Sketch

Prachanda Sketch

national dignatories, journalists, etc. at an event hosted by the India China Institute of the New School. I myself was at the event, and it was something quite inspiring and intense, I wish Prachanda and the CPN (M) the best in their struggle to transform their country from feudal social relations and hope they never lose sight of the need of Communist transformation of what we Maoists know as the “4 Alls”.


3 responses to “Maobadi in NYC: Prachanda speaks to the New School!

  1. I doubt if stage two of the 2 stage theory, will come, with this leadership.

  2. Its quite easy to make snide comments from a far of revolutionaries in struggle. Doubt? Yes there should be some because there is even struggle principally on this question with the Maoist Party itself in Nepal. Which road is going to be taken, it is unclear, it seems to me however that “stage 2” is not a quick manifestation to a rise from no where, to spontaneously emerge from what you would call “stage 1.”

    In fact, there is no linear trajectory of any sort, what those with stages in mind should remember is the necessity of concrete analysis of concrete situations rather than an adherence to the dogma of stale models from the Soviet Union 1917. We’re speaking about Nepal 2008.

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