Could American Stories be any Cheesier?

Thanks to my friend Chuck for this laugh riot. Right from the headlines of cliches, IMAX presents a gem of American Propaganda. It has it all.


3 responses to “Could American Stories be any Cheesier?

  1. It’s like a socialist realist propaganda poster come to life!

    All it needs is a giant 40 foot stalin in an army coat and some rosey cheeked chinese girls with rifles and it would be straight out of the communist propoganda archives.

  2. chinese women with guns doing ballet dances, glowing rays of the sun, etc. are the reason why Socialist propaganda is so much more genuine than American propaganda. There is a particular difference with Socialist Realism and the dry realism of this sort, the propaganda of Communist countries displays the aspirations and commitment of their people, the genuine spirit of socialist struggle altogether.

    To give an example, there is an old North Korean propaganda tale of Hero Kang Ho-yung who is wounded in both legs and arms and decides to roll to his enemies with a grenade in his mouth, as he rolls he begins speaking how the Korean people are defiant and that they do this for the WPK and Kim Il Sung. Its quite obviously absurd since how can he talk with a grenade in his mouth or to do this in the midst of battle, but to to take this seriously is missing absolutely the point of its genuis as effective propaganda.

    The problem with the American type of propaganda, since the 50s’ (this movie is very much a continuation of it) is its reliance on a sort of common Realism, regular people living regular ordinary lives, or better yet facing very small battles but emerging on top. This is why I always found it mundane and boring, whereas Socialist propaganda is so much more inspiring, even today I still find its art beautiful and moving.

  3. Dude! No fuckin’ way! I totally thought this was fake for a minute! Those are some of the corniest stories I have ever heard! I can’t believe this is for real! No wonder I’ve never heard of this shit load of fuck movie.

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