Whats a Black Man Gotta do to Conduct this Train?

Racist mongering of Obama is the target of The New Yorkers satire.

Racist mongering of Obama is the target of The New Yorker's satire.

What a Black man has to contend with?

Lets just say so, straightforward, this is not a piece looking to defend Obama and establish how he is an American, Christian, and loves his country (probably all which is true), but here we are seeking to shine the light and expose White Supremacy as the hegemonic discourse in America. Whatever your thoughts on the Obama campaign per se, hasn’t this campaign been able to show the huge decrypt nature of this system and how a Black man and woman have to twist and turn in the wind in order to be viable for White America.

Today, the new episode of this awful series of racist events that have marked the Obama campaign is the appearance of the new issue of the New Yorker. The title cover is a satirical depiction of all the racist mongering drummed up by white racists and the media about the Obama’s, the concern that Barak Obama is a secret muslim hiding as a christian, that Michelle Obama is a radical black nationalist, that they give each other little gestures of black power or terrorist salutes. Google anything I have just said and you’ll find the myriad of fear mongering against Obama that is taken for legitimized discourse.

Even watching CNN today, speaking about the controversy over the cover, they had a man speaking about the absurdity of the claims that Obama is a muslim radical. He then went on to claim the only concern for Obama should be he is a “Socialist!” No one even said anything to him on CNN, probably out of surprise, but this kind of stuff is spread on the CNN network constantly.

Here is just a clip of Glenn Beck, who has a show on one of the CNN networks.

Or perhaps you can find easily some trolls attacking Michelle Obama for talking about white supremacy as cultural hegemony.

So why has the The New Yorkers’ cover art coming under heavy criticism when it simply is poking fun at all the right-wing racist attacks against the Obamas? Attacks which the Obama campaign had to create their own website to defend themselves from the campaign. They’ve had to tell you his father wasn’t a Muslim, he was an Atheist. That he, himself, didn’t go to a Madrassa. He threw his pastor under the bus for the sake of appearance, had to to denounce Louis Farrakhan, had to tell Black fathers in Bill Cosby-esque “get-your-shit-together” patriarchal uncle tom tone to be personally responsible just to seek the approval of white America. The reason why the Obama camp is trying to squash The New Yorker cover article is to really get rid of race from the agenda of discussion in this campaign altogether. Obama doesn’t want race brought up, and he sees it as only a harmful element in his campaign. So rather than dealing with race and white supremacy, he has only talked about a post-racial society.

When white racists go on a racist campaign against you and its being discussed, its harder to campaign on a platform of “post-racial” society. America is evidently not post-racial, but the Obama campaign has revealed the deep seated white supremacist underpinnings of this system altogether. It didn’t embark on doing that, and is still attempting to avoid, but because they are the legitimate possibility and the likely winners of this presidential campaign, those underpinnings are now around. So even when a liberal-left magazine like The New Yorker publishes a cartoon satirizing the racist depiction of the Obamas’, they are targeted by the Obama camp to “shut the fuck up,” they don’t want to deal with racism in this presidential race.


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