No More Gurkhas for India

[Prachanda has asked the Indian state to stop the recruitment of Nepalese into the Indian military. Known as Gurkhas, this is one of the last quaint vestiges of old British Imperialism which created brigades out of what they deemed “warlike” ethnic groups, the Gurkhas being one of them, fethisized as courageous self-less warriors, true noble savages. Gurkhas are still till this day, recruited into Militaries across the former out outposts of British Imperialism in Asia. India has – according to this article – 40,000 Gurkhas in the Army. However there are Gurkha brigades in Singapore and perhaps elsewhere. Indian military is justifying its exploitation of the conditions of the Nepalese to recruit into their military and are giving the standard apologetic excuse of putting food on the table of the Nepalese.]

Nepali Gorkhas may soon not be a part of the Indian Army (Lead, Superseding earlier story)

By Ritu Sharma
New Delhi, May 12 (IANS)India’s first field marshal, S.H.F.J. Manekshaw, preferred calling himself Sam ‘Bahadur’ as a sign of respect for the brave Gorkha soldiers, most of whom came from Nepal. However, a call by Nepal Maoist chief Prachanda not to allow them to join the Indian army could impact on traditional military ties between the two countries. “If anyone says he is not afraid of anything, either he is lying or he is a Gorkha,” Manekshaw once said.

However, Prachanda, who is poised to head the government in the Himalayan nation, told reporters April 25 that Nepali Gorkhas should not be allowed to join Indian defence forces.

There are two types of Gorkhas in the Indian Army – those hailing from India (who have migrated from Nepal long ago), and the others from Nepal. Under a tripartite agreement signed between India, Nepal and Britain in 1947, Gorkhas from Nepal were allowed to work in the British and Indian armies. Currently, nearly 40,000 Nepali Gorkhas are employed in the Indian Army.

“Nepali Gorkhas have been part of the Indian Army for a very long time. If they are stopped from joining the army then the association between the armies and also the countries will be affected,” former Chief of Army Staff Gen. Ved Prakash Malik told IANS.

“Besides the large number of Nepali Gorkha soldiers, we also have a large number of pensioners in the country. The pensioners are looked after by us only. We have opened hospitals and other facilities at Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal,” Malik added. In some villages in eastern Nepal, about half of the families have one or more pensioners from the Indian Army.

India and Nepal share such a close relationship that the Indian Army chief is honorary chief of the Nepali Army traditionally and vice-versa.

“It is not just a question of strength but also our proximity and tradition,” said Malik.

Besides impacting the age-old ties between the two nations, Prachanda’s demand, if acceded to, can lead to anarchy in Nepal due to large-scale unemployment, say military experts here.

“The Indian Army and the British Army – which also has a Gorkha regiment – are a major source of employment for Nepali youth. There can be unrest in the Himalayan kingdom, leading to a big problem,” Major General (retd) Afsar Karim told IANS.

Prachanda’s call has put the Gorkhas in a moral dilemma – of choosing a life in their country or one that will ensure livelihood and sustenance.

“The Nepali Gorkha soldiers send a lot of money back home, contributing in a big way to the Nepali economy,” an army official said.

However, experts do not see any major operational problem for the Indian Army if the Nepali Gorkahs are forbidden from joining.

“If Prachanda’s demand ever materialises, the Indian Army would not be affected operationally as the army has reduced considerably the number of Gorkhas,” Karim added.

The first battalion of the Gorkha regiment was raised during British rule in 1815. The Gorkhas have served the Indian Army with valour since then.

Gorkhas have played a crucial role in India’s three wars with Pakistan (1947-48, 1965 and 1971) and during the India-China conflict in 1962. A Gorkha battalion served with distinction as part of the Indian Army contingent in the United Nations Operations in the Congo (now Zaire) in the 1960s.

(Ritu Sharma is a correspondent with IANS. She can be contacted at


45 responses to “No More Gurkhas for India

  1. I don’t agree with prachanda, it seems he is more inclined towards china, yes many calls nepal a second tibet. I request people nepal to be aware of this fact and not allow prachanda to be on power any more. India and nepal share many things in common. Now if you look back Indai has shared war with alomst every neighbour and today even small nations like Bangladesh flex their muscles with India. So, nepal is a friendly to indai in all forms , which we may not discuss anymore . But lokking from the India side India also could have done little more to gurkhas in indai itself. Say could have given Gorkhaland to Iniad gurkha or indian napelese, if they could give state like manipur, tripura , meghalaya they why not a gorkaland and if you look back these gurkhas have contributed a lot more to the Indian. I hope gurkhas will have proper recognition in india through the state of gurkhaland and their service for nation continues , we need them, hope Hon’ble Shri Manmohan Shingji agrees . Thanku

    • Dear singhji, thanks a lot for supporting us. I m not not from any particular political party or any office but i m just a normal indian gorkha who keeps facing humiliation from indian friends who keeps reminding us that we r foreigners. Actually to say i really don’t understand how we are foreigners? Gurkhas were here before india got its independance and when india was not actually india. After independance we are all of sudden termed foreigners(because we don’t have any state).Gorkhas has been driven out from Meghalaya and many times we have been pushed out of assam,Arunachal Pradesh and so many other states.Y this kind of dog treatment for us y???For how many more years will we keep facing this kind of humiliation of being a foreigner???!The only solution it seems is to have SEPERATE STATE for ourself. Jai hind!!!

      • Hey I’m an Indian and a non gurkha.if any moron who humiliate gurkha brothers and sisters,fuk those ungrateful asshole.

      • We are sorry for what has happened with you…but I think if Nepal joins indian union and become one of the state in India it will stop and it will be good for both India and nepal

  2. I don’t agree with prachanda, it seems he is more inclined towards china, yes many calls nepal a second tibet. I request people nepal to be aware of this fact and not allow prachanda to be on power any more. India and nepal share many things in common. Now if you look back Indai has shared war with alomst every neighbour and today even small nations like Bangladesh flex their muscles with India. So, nepal is a friendly to indai in all forms , which we may not discuss anymore . But lokking from the India side India also could have done little more to gurkhas in indai itself. Say could have given Gorkhaland to Iniad gurkha or indian napelese, if they could give state like manipur, tripura , meghalaya they why not a gorkaland and if you look back these gurkhas have contributed a lot more to the Indian. I hope gurkhas will have proper recognition in india through the state of gurkhaland and their service for the nation continues even better , we need them, hope Hon’ble Shri Manmohan Shingji agrees . Thanku

  3. Thank you, Mr. singh,
    I am very thankful for your comment. Gorkhaland for the gorkhas residing in India is very much essential for their identity becouse in many states in India gorkhas are treated as foreign national or third class citizen. Thank you once again for your support to Gorkhas

  4. Please visit www. Himalayan

  5. It appears the nitty gritty of political ambitions or motives is serving the wrong! Let’s say if there weren’t any Gorkha’s who saved the country from coming to grips with colonial thrusting form all corners. If you cannot respect to mutual agreements its same as India treating Gorkhas as their dog or pet. Respect for exchanges must be appreciated and reassured if India needs stronger ties with its own citizens denouncing racism of any sort. Jai Hind

  6. I think there are enough Gorkhas in India itself who can join the army there are 4.1 million gorkhas in India we can easily find 30,000 to replace them who are as good warriors as the Nepali one’s, 10000 already being there. Indian gorkhas also constitute Limbu, kirats and other strong Gorkha tribes.

  7. concept of prachanda is not bad because while emergency being in Indian territory and time will come what India need. on that time, why Nepal Gorkhas sacrificies their life for foreign counry ?

  8. we just want our identiy.

  9. Gorkha. People fought for my country. Respect them


    • hey u lama u say you are brave than nepali. you idiot u dont know that your tribe is nepali. and yes in olden times assam and darjeeling was also part of india

      • yes you said correct bro in olden days assam darjeeling an all north eastern parts of indian territories were in nepal.

  11. Agree with prachanda,it shud be stop,Now no more gurkha hire…and i dunno abt china in future,but at the moment india is tryin to capture nepal as they are capturing some nepali territories,i think no indians are known abt this incident and i think they don’t care as well.. bt neway this is the fact…and i haven’t heard yet, abt nepal as ”second tibet”..ahahaha,i think u didnt understand why nepal is lying between two big territory..And yah one thing we are brave people, nobody need to say us brave,cuz we know ourself hw much brave we are…and at last recruiting gurkha soldier must stop,coz nepal need its youth to develop country,and i agree about prachanda’s this decisions bt sry to say fuking each nepali politicians basterd……….

  12. Ha! Friends this is a durty game of political leaders. This is not related with us . But one things we cann’t forget that is “Gurkhas give a blood for our country”.

  13. I request all Gurkha to stay in your own country and try to prosper with good relations. It is no one interest to sacrifice their life for the sake of living expenses. try to overcome poverty in nation with creativity, intelligence, and hard work. We respect Gurkha more than any other nation. I believe they are not halal soldiers to send first in battle field. Estabilish educational institutions, resesarch laboratories. Take funds from world bank develop nation like an another JAPAN .

    My best wishes (INDIAN)


  14. Dear Brothers,
    I am from Tamil Nadu(India). I had not seen a single Gorkha soldier in my life. My only exposures to Gorkhas are through my School Mates.
    I have some 5 class mates with whom i still have communication. My take on gorkhas are they are simple and honest. And also they show more interest in studies.
    In group study times during exams. We used to stay in my house. When my mom wakes all of us in the morning with tea my frnds would wake up first(Such is their interest to studies).
    This is the only exposure i had with them. Overall i think they are genuinely having same culture as us.
    Now i know the military legacy of gorkhas from books. I am not a politician and certainly dont know which is correct for Nepal to comment. But as an Indian and individual i am happy to have friends from Nepal and my respect for them will be same all through my life.

  15. I really dont understand why Mr. Prachanda has thought this. There is nothing left in Nepal, Nepal is in a situation if India and other countries who are supporting or helping them to live their day to day life. If Mr. Prachanda has such thoughts in his mind then I am bound to say that he is obliged with China. But , he doesn’t know how China is playing with Nepal. I dont think India ever wants to occupy or take Nepal as a part of India.

    Mr. Prachanda , I would like to ask you if for example all the Gorkha Armies who are here in India are sent back to Nepal would be able to give surity that they will get a job with the same facilities, alike salary structure, pension like Indian government does. Even if you want to stop Gorkha to join Indian army please mention which gorkha you are talking about. You must know that moren than the population of Nepal , Nepalese are here in India. So when ever you discuss about gorkha please for god sake make sure that you are talking specifically about the gorkha from Nepal. Because we are Gorkha of India from a long time ago, we are a nationality of India , we are Indian and we always want to be Indian. We are not interested in your kind of pollitics , so please for god sake make sure that because of you we are not affected.


  16. the world knows gurkhas’ bravery and sacrifice…but in india it don’t has a separate identity and still behave as other country caste…so we should a bit seriously at least humanely on this loyal race..dhanyabad

  17. Dear indian friends, i think nepali gorkhas should not be allowed to join indian armies because we indian gorkhas are ourself unemployed. If they are out we indian gorkhas will get more oppertunity to be in the indian army but at the same moment i also feel that we should have separate state for ourself so that all indian brothers and sisters recognise us as brothers and not as foreigners or third kind of citizen(it is strange that gorkhali land that is darjeeling is treated as india but again we indian gorkhas are treated as foreigners).

  18. Hey Indians!! Stop sayin indian gurkhas say GorkhaliIndians..u dnt deserve gurkhas..And u lama,u want gorkhaland caz u born n livd in india or u wer taught their patriotic anthem nd ‘sare jahase achha hindustan hamaraa..cum to nepal n u will regrt to be born ther instd of ur ancestr home nd orign. Recruitmnt of gurkha wasnt sever prblm for us bt india terms gurkhas as indian army.. U people r so silly dat to mak it urs u hand them ur flag to gurkhas,make watch ur fuckn indian patrioric movies,harass to talk hindi n follow indian culture…u make documntry on gurkha sayn ‘apni mitti ke liye jaan kurban’ india is nt their land u fuckn idiots they r jus doin thier proud of gurkhas bt nevr say it as indian pride..hey lama dnt ask for gorkhaland claim for GreaterNepal..we say india as brother bt u act lyk sautela brother bt UK is our friend nd alwayz be our frn. Hey indians if u hav guts den make war with Nepalese with ur chemical,nuclear armours n ammos we r alws ready wid our single khukuri…

    • Dear Bhattrai,
      What’s happening with your language and why you people talk hatred like this and why spread so much hatred among ourself. We are discussing our problems here in India and we are also not talking about Kathmandu or Greater Nepal. We Indian Gorkhas over here have our own set of problems which you brothers will never understand because you are among your brothers and sisters and even though we are also among our Indian friends still we the Indian Gorkhas are looked upon as foreigners and that’s the reason why we are trying to carve out our own identity and that is GORKHALAND……………………….

  19. dhoti hater... vele hater

    fuck india. my father had served in indian army. he has told us how ungreatful those fucking dhotys r…. asshole black monkeys

  20. Gorkhali_TheGreatPower

    Those so called indian gorkhas are either refugees from NEPALI, some original ethnic n origin inhibitants of the Greater Sikkim,some r immigrants from NEPAL. So called indian gorkhas are not Real Gorkha/ Gorkhali, nor Proud sons of The Gorkha [NEPAL].Gorkhali loves his own country, Gorkha… Gorkha Regiments of India is all Nepal borne Gorkhalis, proud loves his Nepal,. they are not indian dhotis, Those [ Gorkhaland demanders], so called gorkha Indians are fakyy gorkhalis, they are all indians, by birth by proud, just indian, They will die for india if India fight Against Gorkha,…….
    . Gorkhali always hate India by birth, mya****kne Dhotiharu….is their theygo,,,,,muji k dhoti bhasa ma bolxas muji nepali ma bolna mc, etc are their booli is a proof. Gorkhali ko choro hun ma, Gorkhe mero nam, eye lagne satru (dhoti) ko garchu ma kaam tamaam… Hail Gorkhali Hail Gorkha, Jai Nepal.

    • hey you nepali shit don’t ever talk about india and indian gorkhas.
      if you are so brave and intelligent then why your country is so poor and weak.
      you red monkey faced nepali gorkhu first save your country if you can.
      your country cannot even stand a single day against india.

  21. fuck indian army without gorkha

  22. we want gorkhaland for our identification and also want to be separated from west bengal……where is the indian govt. ???? why are we just forced to war but we dont have any state like punjabis have punjab, biharis bihar, nagas nagaland n all but why not GORKHAS GORKHALAND

  23. Suraj Hang Limbu

    I’m as a Indian Gorkha and we love India. Nepal is a partiality country. Nepal Govt.unable to provide jobs for young boys of Nepal. Therefore we joint in India, Britain, Singapore, Bornei. Why prachanda stop? Moist could not do anything for Gorkhas.

  24. u will certainly know one day that being a Nepali born in Indian territory is not a fault coz this territory was here before India was born….we r born here before India but we r nepali….we want our own land here in India now…if we r foreigners then Bengalis are also foreigners coz they are from Bengal….so we Nepali are not foreigners coz previously it was Nepal… we have equal love to both country but not much as our own gorkhaland…we want gorkhaland we want our identity…Nepali living in Bhutan were chased but they were also Bhutanese why they chase??? similar in Manipur….so we want gorkhaland we r Nepali with ethnicity of gorkhas….there is no such word like Indian gorkha but we say yourself Indian gorkha why….no we aren’t Indian gorkha we r Nepali living in our soil either it be India or elsewhere we r Nepali…gorkha is not a race its a common ethnicity for ancient nepalis….so we want gorkhaland

  25. Main w.b ke murshidabab distric ka hu. Army join karna hain

  26. Main w.b ke murshidabab se hu. Main army join karna chahata hu

  27. Fuck Prachanda… I am a Gurkha, but I am not from Nepal. I am an Indian

  28. This silly Prachanda is doing no good to his own people.. but watever, India GR will never be shortage of gurkhas as theres lot of Indian gurkhas itself

  29. Ram Raj Acharya

    That’s would be good.Even though there are Gurkha army in UK and India they are not too respected.The number of Nepal Army should be increased and deployed in border area and protect the Nepal border encroaching by India.India never wants Nepal developed but China wants.That will help both Nepal and China.

  30. Now here is a new problem for Gorkhas of Assam. Upgradation of NRC(National register of citizenship) is going on and it is heard that there would be no OI(original inhabitant) written on NRC cards of Gorkhas even if he has submitted pre 1951 documents. Now the big question is if NRC happens in other parts of India like Bengal, Dheradun and all , same will be the case or what for Gorkhalis?I mean they will also not get OI printed on their card. if so then what use will this card be of for Gorkhalis???


    I am honoured to have you gorkhas in our country & in indian army .You are as Indian as anyone of us.

    I support for your gorkhaland.

    Jai Hind

  32. The India govrnmnt have to stop the requirement of the nepalis citizen for the Indian militry… Bcoz thatsy the Indian gorkhas have to face many problem as identy… Or if govrmnt cant do that then should be identyfy the indian gorkha..

  33. Year 2017 Date 19 Month 07. People 9 killed in Darjeeling by Police Firing for demanding of a new state Gorkhaland within Indian constitution. I myself was called foreigner non other then a Regional Manager of Meghalaya Rural Bank in India earlier year 2016. Hope India do some real work in this regard and progress takes place. We have only asked our right, which is ours.

  34. Gorkha, are mostly migrant from nepal. Lepcha & some small tribes are original inhabitant of Darjiling and adjacent places.How they can claim a separate state here in India. Ok, they have every right to stay in india with full dignity, but they r not original inhabitant. so they don’t have right for separate state. Now, they are claiming, they are also original inhabitant of Assam. Absurd demand.

  35. Well!there’s a bit of wrong information in the middle I’d like to say..gorkhas of india,they didn’t migrate from nepal..they were in India (Darjeeling) only from before like not all bengolies migrated from Bangladesh

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