Dr. Bhattarai to Koirala, “Get on Board”

[Dr. Bhattarai has been calling today in Nepal for Prime Minister Koirala’s resignation, also stating to the Communist Party (United Marxist-Leninist) and the Nepali Congress to start participating in the process instead of kicking their feet, dragging along the formation of a new government headed by the Communist Party (Maoist). This was taken from Kantipur Online website.]

Maoist may run the government alone: Dr Bhattarai

Dr.Bhattarai, a leader of the Maoists

Kantipur Report

BIRATNAGAR, May 13 – CPN-Maoist second-in–command Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai Tuesday announced that that Maoist will run the government alone if other political parties do not join.

The Maoist will opt for a single party-led government if the ongoing attempts to include the participation of the major political parties go in vain, Dr Bhattarai said talking to media persons at Biratnagar Airport.

He further informed that the former rebels are not in the favor of constitution amendment prior to the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly (CA).

The Maoist senior leader stated that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala will not be granted the country’s first presidency adding that preparations are underway to provide a respectful position for the Prime Minister.

Mentioning the first CA meet to take place by May 28 will officially bid farewell to 204-year old monarchy, Dr Bhattarai added that the Maoist are not in favor of placing ‘cultural monarch’ in the country.

He warned that harsh action will be taken if the king does not exit gracefully from the Narayanhiti Royal Palace. The Maoist will accept if the king will stay as a normal citizen, he added.

Dr Bhattarai reached Biratnagar today to participate in a programme organised by Morang Business Association.


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