The (un)Promised Land

Why do we look for the limited of what is possible?  We have reduced our vision to pure pragmatism and cynicism in the glare of injustice, oppression, and exploitation. What is needed is not pragmatism, but the imagination of the impossible. It is indeed the impossible that is possible, that we should be forced to imagine because of our disgust of this system. To limit ourselves to work within the limits of the possible is a treachery to all those who are murdered in the night by the strong arm of US Imperialism. The possible is an ethical catastrophe, it is a mockery of the conception of the free consciousness itself. You betray not those who are victims, but you betray yourself to slavery of the ideology of the Labyrinth and you will be trampled by the Minotaur.

An act within the possible is your treachery, the only act of resistance, of a free man, is an act of the impossible. The Impossible, Utopia, can be the only possibility of freedom itself.

 Our False Idols

Don’t be swept off your feet by Demagogues. The Election Box is the Slaves Game no matter the nominal sensation you get from it.


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