Release Comrade Govindan Kutty!

[This appeared on the Single Spark website a while ago, we  here are reposting it for comment and raising the awareness of Kutty’s arrest. The original document can be found here on the Single Spark website .]

 In recent weeks since the Maoist prison break on December 16th, 2007 in the Dantewada prison in Chhattisgarh, in which over 300 Maoist prisoners, after overpowering a guard escaped the prison the Indian government has attempted to restore some semblance of control over the situation. This has included the December 20th, 2007 comments by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, urging the chief ministers of 12 states that have been particularly affected by the Maoist insurgency to crush the Maoist movement. It is in this context that the arrest of Com. Govindan Kutty has occurred. The Government has attempted to attack the Maoist movement by attacking vulnerable targets like Com. Govindan Kutty.Comrade Govindan Kutty has been unfairly jailed for editing an independent magazine, which had been legally and lawfully registered with the Indian government. Com. Govindan Kutty was arrested under the charges of spreading sedition and indulging in unlawful activities and was remanded in judicial custody by a lower court at Aluva in Kerala. This is despite the fact that the magazine, People’s March, was registered with the Government of India and the RNI number is KER ENG/2000/2051 and the postal registration number: KL/EKM/614/2007-09. Indeed, the magazine has often provided a sharp critique of the Indian government and the anti-people policies that it has enacted, whilst remaining squarely within the legal parameters of the Indian state and has done so for the last 9 years. Indeed, the magazine was not banned until the day that Com. Govindan Kutty was arrested.

The revisionist Communist Party of India-Marxist led ‘Left Democratic Front’ in Kerala has again demonstrated that they are a social fascist force, and have utilized fear and violence to repress dissent much like they have done in West Bengal. They have severely limited the Right to Freedom of Speech. The State government has consistently harassed and psychologically tortured Com. Govindan Kutty after his arrest. This has resulted in Com. Govindan Kutty engaging in a hunger strike until he is released. It must be noted that due to his age and ailments Com. Govindan Kutty’s health is under severe threat.

The Single Spark Collective demands that the government of India release Comrade Govindan Kutty immediately and unconditionally. Furthermore, we demand that ‘People’s March’ be allowed to be published and distributed without State harassment.


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