First Posting, New Star

For a couple of months the creators of this blog have been discussing, in what way can we bring forward Revolutionary politics and Marxism-Leninism-Maoism into a new age? What would our contribution be? We were young Communists, who came to age in our political development with the US Imperialists launching their war for Empire, asserting its domination in this World. In this context we became Revolutionaries. There has been great development of the people’s struggles across the world, and right in the middle of the Imperialist monster, there are Movements developing out of the contradictions of the Capitalist system.

With the guiding princples of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We took the maxims of “Serve the People” and “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win” to heart, hit the streets and fought back. We in the process, we came to understand, we were lacking something principle to carry forward these movements to become revolutionary ones. We were lacking actual revolutionary leadership, a revolutionary line that could polarize politics, and the methodology of Mass Line to actually raise the consciousness of the masses.

What could the snot nosed young Rebels do? We didn’t, like many, burn away and go back to being a slave to life. No longer cogs, and conscious of the need for struggle and development to make revolution, we sought something to do. We are still seeking. However it is necessary to do this not insularly, but with like minded committed radicals and revolutionaries to begin engaging these questions. We had the duty to open up the space for such discussions, especially amongst the rebellious Youth like us, to create the spirit, the culture, and the politics that can help us through the path and roads toward Revolution.

We decided to create this blog precisely to do this. The blog is collectively run and will be discussing a wide array of issues pertaining to the burning questions of Liberation. Our experiences with blogs in the past have been dominated by the fact there was a lack of collectivity and merely came from the subjective spontaneity of its Authors. We will strive for a rigor, for line discussion and struggle, and for honest and thought provoking debates. We hope those who will read this blog join us in our project, and take up the project themselves.


15 responses to “First Posting, New Star

  1. Greetings to New Star! And thanks for the tug on my sleeve.

    It is an honor to make one of the first comments here, although I regret that I am some decades past being the type of young rebel at whom the new blog is aimed. It’s 3:30 in the morning (dun’t esk), so what follows is only a couple of points, not a response which reflecting serious thinking.

    1. One effect of this blog, and perhaps one reason y’all brought it into being, is to fill the vacuum caused by the trailing off of Red Flags, which filled and may have created the niche New Star aims to fill. Have you had any discussions of what worked and didn’t work about Red Fags–what you hope to replicate, improve and avoid?

    2. A more general take on the same question. The blogosphere is lawful, in the social sciences sense–that is, governed by or reflecting certain tendencies in terms of organization and form, shaped by the nature of the medium itself. A clear example of the downside of this is the privileging of self-confident, usually male, individuals who have a job with Internet access or way too much time on their hands. A related phenomenon is the flavor-of-the-day character of many discussions, dictated by the pace of online discussion. This could be seen clearly last year when Naomi Klein wrote a Guardian article “Fascist Americamin ten easy steps” (since elaborated in her new book), The left liberal blogosphere joined more radical and anarcho venues in a tsunami of endorsement, commentary and exposition–which had faded a week later and was invisible soon after. Ya gotta wonder, if all these folks really think the ruling class is setting up fascism, why they lose track of this important development so quickly.

    3. Where do correct ideas come from? I hope New Star will find ways to have discussion and debate on actual social practice–organizing by preference, but also systematic investigation and experiences drawn from everyday life. Further, even “heavy” theoretical discussions are vastly improved when they are carried out with the consciousness that theory is one part of a dialectical cycle, not a separate realm.

    Okay, enough of this. I like your name, A lot. As wikikpedia points out:

    “A Protostar is an object that forms by contraction out of the gas of a giant molecular cloud in the interstellar medium. The protostellar phase is an early stage in the process of star formation. For a solar-mass star it lasts about 100,000 years. It starts with a core of increased density in a molecular cloud and ends with the formation of a T Tauri star, which then develops into a main-sequence. This is heralded by the T Tauri wind, a type of super solar wind that marks the change from the star accreting mass into radiating energy.”

    With any luck youns will accrete mass and radiate energy in a somewhat shorter time frame…

  2. Hello Com. Jimmy Higgins,
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I hope that you will remain to be a consistent commentator on the blog entries that we post in the years to come. As for your being a few decades to old for the intended audience for this blog, I think that we need you and other more seasoned comrades to interject in the debates that we hop will occur on this blog. Only through such a dialogue and debate do I think that our movement can develop, indeed on some of my more cynical days it seems to me that the failures of our movement can be partly located in the suppression of debate and the production of orthodoxy and dogma.

    1. For many of the contributing comrades Red Flags has served as an important blog for debate with comrades around the world. However, like anything, there will be some points of departure from that model. However, I am not sure how we could summarize them. However, I do think that the kind of materials posted do help constitute the kind of debate that will occur on the blog. Thus, I am more interested in posting materials which will allow for more theoretical debates around questions that are fundamentally important to the movement.

    2. I agree that many of the debates that have occurred on the blogosphere have not been sustained debates, and have been “flavor-of-the-day”. I think that this is due to the intellectual failings of most parties around the world, especially in our movement. I think it is interesting that nearly no Maoist party actually runs a theoretical journal anymore, indeed for many of the new generations of Maoist activists there has been no experience of sustained debate on 1-2 questions that involves serious study. This blog in absence of said journals, conferences etc. will try to become a ground from which those other projects can be launched. I for one am very interested in re-starting a Maoist theoretical journal – which would not be affiliated to any party but would be common property of all.

    3. Finally, I would like to just correct you comrade. The name of the blog is “Good Morning, Revolution” not “New Star”. Rather, “New Star” was just the name of the first blog entry. I think you have correctly identified the dialectical relationship between theory and practice, and we hope that comrades from around the country will be inclined to report on their activities and will intervene in the theoretical debates with organizing insights and queries, and vice versa.

    I thank you once again for your comment on our blog.

    Lal salaam,

  3. looking forward to your continued analysis and postings comrades. good luck

  4. “I for one am very interested in re-starting a Maoist theoretical journal”

    Don’t you think that A World to Win is already such a journal?

  5. I think for many reasons, the anwser to this is really, No.

    Further AWTW is an international organ of the CoRIM, and we are speaking here of a journal specific from the lense of Maoists here. Something similar to The Worker or The Communist (which RCP use to put forward), but more open to different trends within the Maoist current in the US.

  6. I agree that AWTW is too much controlled by the CoRIM and that, in that sense, it is not a journal open to all Maoist trends. I would be really glad to see that situation change.

    However, I do think that AWTW is a serious and principled Maoist theoretical journal. I also think that it may be too soon to say “we cannot reform AWTW, lets start something else”. I would not be surprised at all if significant changes were to occur in the coming years within RIM and CoRIM.

  7. We can agree here. We appreciate, and we don’t scorn in a sectarian way because of its relationship to Co-RIM, AWTW contributions in theoretical essays to the ICM. The role it has played, as the organ of the RIM, is undeniably a positive one.

    However AWTW as we have expressed can’t be the kind of theoretical journal we speak of, since we are speaking in the specific conditions of the Maoist movement now. CPN (M) currently has a journal that is internationally reknown, People’s March (while even being targetted by reactionary enemies) enjoys publication and distribution even in America and is valuable, we believe we must have a journal that plays a consolidating role around open debate and issues of our time. The American Maoist movement must rupture from a lot of the past that is specifically embodied in the RCP, USA, for this to occur we need a lot of unity-struggle, criticism and self-criticism.

    If comrades in AWTW and RIM wish to join us in solidarity for the sake of our movements, that is their decision they must make. We will not speak for those abroad internationally. All we know is that our vehicle is no longer RCP, USA…and something new must arise.

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